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The History of Silklofts
Maidenform pioneered the modern brassiere, which literally shaped a generation.
In fact, a recent Mad Men episode (titled "Maidenform") dramatized the impact of this iconic brand on the apparel industry and our entire culture. 
Once the largest employer in Bayonne, the Maidenform Factory produced all 
manner of women’s undergarments. It even played a role in World War II, turning
out parachutes and even pigeon vests (yes, carrying vests for birds), which 
helped paratroopers communicate vital information during key campaigns.
Eventually, international competition drove the company to relocate, leaving this 
once proud facility void of people and purpose.

Then, in 2009, Doug Stern and Leon Cohen developed a vision to transform this 
forgotten and aging complex into a one-of-a-kind luxury residence. An enclave 
for those who appreciate the best in old school materials and craftsmanship and in modern amenities. 

SilkLofts isn’t just a place to sleep. It’s a place to truly feel at home.
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