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A Story of Sustainability
Live Better, Live Green!
In 2009 Mr. Doug Stern of Stern Capital acquired the former Maidenform factory 
and with the help of Mr. Leon Cohen and the entire staff of the CSR GROUP set out to transform an abandoned old factory into luxury residences with incomparable features, finishes, and lifestyle amenities.

SilkLofts anticipates LEED certification and our adaptive reuse strategy assures a minimum carbon footprint and environmental impact compared to demolition and new construction. 
Here are just some of the environmental benefits of the SilkLofts adaptive re-use 
of the Maidenform Factory:
  • Hundreds of thousands of bricks re-used (also avoiding the production of new ones)
  • Thousands of pounds of steel and hundreds of tons of concrete re-used
  • Millions of BTU's of carbon avoided – enormous amounts of energy that would have been required to produce, store, and ship, and install these items
  • Reduced landfill usage due to all the old brick and materials that were not discarded
Sustainability Features
  • Windows – three-layer, low E glass with argon gas, which are more efficient than standard windows, saving you money by lowering your utility bills and energy usage
  • LG Multi-V HVAC systems – one of the world's most efficient systems, and also one of the quietest
  • Recycle and Reuse – It is our belief that whatever can be saved, should be saved and reused, so we promote and facilitate recycling
  • Throughout the construction process, we have recycled many materials including wood from structural sub floors, brick for repairs, and even the asphalt in our parking lots
  • Kitchen appliances are all energy-efficient
  • Bamboo flooring in many residences offers not only one of the hardest and most durable hardwood floors, but also one of the most eco-friendly